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Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a supercharged form of pure oxygen that is made up of three oxygen molecules (O3). 



This treatment oxygenates the cells and stimulates the cell’s powerhouse, the Mitochondria, to produce more energy aiding the body’s performance.


Ozone is known to boost the immune system, reduces inflammation, accelerates wound healing and improves blood flow.

What ways might ozone therapy benefit you?

Ozone therapy is delivered in what manner?

Step 1

Blood: Take 60 cc from your arm.

Step 2

O3 (ozone) is used to oxygenate the blood.

Step 3

Reintroduce the blood that has been oxygenated to your body.

So what makes ozone therapy a good choice?

There are many advantages for people who use ozone therapy. Antibiotics are frequently used to treat a variety of disorders, but they can harm both healthy and unhealthy microorganisms in the body. Your immune system might be seriously weakened by eliminating beneficial bacteria. Ozone also provides an alternative to the hazardous side effects that antibiotics might occasionally have.

Your immune system will receive tremendous assistance from ozone therapy, which is one of its biggest advantages.