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Dating back to the mid-1800s to modern medicine

The Bioidentical Hormone Approach

Ozone is a gas that consists of three oxygen atoms. The Earth’s atmosphere is protected by the Ozone where it blocks UV rays. Medical Ozone, which is used in a sterile, therapeutic form has been used for centuries to successfully treat numerous conditions and diseases. Ozone also supports your body’s use and intake of oxygen, and helps to activate the immune system.

How can Ozone Therapy help you?

How is Ozone Therapy administered?

Step 1

Draw 60 cc's of blood from your arm.

Step 2

Oxygenate the blood with O3(Ozone).

Step 3

Infuse the oxygentated blood back into your body.

So why should you choose Ozone Therapy?

There are a variety of benefits for those who utilize Ozone Therapy. Antiobiotics are heavily perscribed to treat various illnesses, but antiobiotcs attack good and bad flora within the body. Killing off good flora can greatly weaken your immune system. Ozone also offers an alternative to the toxic side- effects sometimes caused by antibiotics.

One of the greatest benefits of Ozone Therapy is the extreme support to your immune system.