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We are leaders in regenerative medicine and anti-aging methods. Our services range from vitamin therapy to hormone optimization and everything in between.


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    What Is NAD+?

    All living cells use the chemical NAD as a coenzyme for metabolism. This molecule supports the proteins that govern a variety of cellular processes while supporting cells in converting nutrients into energy in its oxidised state, NAD+.

    NAD+ was first identified by researchers in the early 1900s, but its advantages have only lately been thoroughly investigated. We now understand that NAD+ plays a part in a wide range of processes, including DNA repair, metabolism, and circadian rhythm maintenance.


    The NAD+ coenzyme is necessary for cellular activity, yet many organisms, including humans, lose it over time. As a result, there is a connection between low NAD+ levels and age-related disorders such atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and cognitive decline. Long-lasting metabolic equilibrium can be enhanced by controlling NAD+ levels.

    Our NAD+ Drip Package

    Ingredients in our NAD+ supplement package help prevent chronic diseases, preserve cognitive function, and slow the ageing process.

    NAD+ Fluid: The NAD+ fluid included in our NAD+ package is a hydrating mixture that also contains nutrients including electrolytes, sodium, and sugar. You can put saline, dextrose, or Lactated Ringer’s in your NAD+.

    NAD+: Our NAD+ drip bag can top off your NAD+ supply. So that the mitochondria in your cells can complete the metabolic processes necessary to turn food into energy, NAD+ shuttles electrons between reactions.

    Benefits of NAD+ Therapy:

    Prevent age-related and neurodegenerative disorders:

    According to research, NAD+ can protect the body’s metabolic processes and repair DNA, which could help avoid age-related disorders.

    Reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings:

    Decreased NAD+ levels and resultant loss of cellular function occur concurrently with addiction. Increasing NAD+ levels can counteract the metabolic processes that lead to addiction.

    Improve metabolism:

    NAD+ can lessen the metabolic syndrome’s negative effects, including insulin resistance, hypertension, and the chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

    Boost kidney function:

    Acute kidney damage and mesangial cell hypertrophy are brought on by low NAD+ levels, but function is recovered when the supply is replenished.

    Improve muscle function:

    It has been discovered that NAD+ enhances muscle function, whereas muscular degeneration is characterised by a loss of NAD+.

    Enhance energy level:

    You will be energetic once your mitochondria are. You’ll feel energised and prepared to tackle the day.

    So why should you choose Ozone Therapy?

    There are a variety of benefits for those who utilize Ozone Therapy. Antiobiotics are heavily perscribed to treat various illnesses, but antiobiotcs attack good and bad flora within the body. Killing off good flora can greatly weaken your immune system. Ozone also offers an alternative to the toxic side- effects sometimes caused by antibiotics.

    One of the greatest benefits of Ozone Therapy is the extreme support to your immune system.


    We are leaders in regenerative medicine and anti-aging methods.

    Our services range from Vitamin Therapy to Hormone Optimization and everything in between.

    Stop with the guesswork and try our services to get the most optimized program for you!


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