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    Lip Fillers in Long Island, New York

    Long Island lip injections are highly coveted non-surgical cosmetic treatments due to their ability to instantly enhance lip appearance and shape. Many individuals appreciate lip fillers because they offer immediate results, providing plumper and smoother lips without the need for surgery. This FDA-approved procedure is particularly popular among those seeking a fuller pout, improved facial symmetry, or a confidence boost.

    Elevate your smile with lip filler at Fitmedny Wellness, a premier provider of lip injections in Huntington, New York, and Suffolk County. Our experienced injectors utilize top-quality lip fillers from the Juvéderm and Restylane collections, crafting personalized treatment plans to achieve outstanding results for each patient. Contact us at (516) 500-9977 to schedule your complimentary lip augmentation consultation and achieve beautifully sculpted lips quickly.

    Benefits of Lip Filler

    With lip filler injections, lip augmentation—a non-surgical cosmetic procedure authorized by the FDA—improves the appearance of the lips by increasing volume and moisture and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. Injections of lip filler can also address issues that patients may have, like an uneven grin or a more defined lip border. Among the other advantages of lip augmentation are:

    Lip Filler Before and After*

    For many of our Long Island patients, lip filler is a non-surgical choice. View our before and after picture gallery to see the outcomes for yourself. Following lip injections, the patient’s lips exhibit an improvement in volume and moisture. The patient’s lips also appear noticeably smoother and more defined. Results differ from patient to patient, as with any aesthetic procedure.*
    *results may vary

    Understanding Lip Enhancement Treatment

    Lip enhancement through fillers offers a hassle-free, non-invasive way to enhance the appearance of lips instantly. These injections deliver natural-looking outcomes by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while adding volume and definition. The fillers primarily consist of hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural water-retaining substance present in our bodies with a gel-like consistency. HA’s ability to attract and retain moisture contributes to a fuller, firmer skin appearance. However, as we age, our HA production decreases, leading to decreased volume and hydration and increased wrinkles.


    When HA fillers such as Juvéderm or Restylane are administered into the lips, they immediately draw in water, boosting volume and providing a plumper, more hydrated look. An advantage of lip filler is its ability to be gradually injected over several sessions until desired results are achieved.


    Moreover, the effects of lip filler enhancement are temporary. Over time, the body naturally metabolizes the filler, necessitating repeat treatments to maintain results. Additionally, lip filler is reversible. Hyaluronidase, an enzyme, can be used to safely dissolve the HA filler within hours of injection, restoring the lips to their original state if desired.

    Long Island Lip Injections: What to Expect

    Prior to your Long Island lip augmentation, you’ll have a thorough consultation with your injector to discuss your goals, medical history, and any concerns you may have. They’ll assess your lips to determine the ideal treatment plan, including the amount and type of filler required. Numbing cream will be applied to minimize any discomfort, and the fillers themselves often contain lidocaine for further pain reduction.


    Once your lips are numb, the injector will begin the injections using a fine needle or cannula, strategically administering multiple injections as needed to achieve your desired results. They may also massage and sculpt your lips to ensure even distribution of the filler. While you may feel some pinprick sensations or a slight burning during the procedure, most patients report minimal discomfort. Typically, the entire process takes around 15 to 30 minutes.


    After the procedure, you may experience swelling or bruising, which can last up to a week. Your injector will provide detailed aftercare instructions, which may include icing your lips to reduce swelling, avoiding activities like using a straw or kissing, and refraining from extreme temperatures or spicy foods. Pain medication can be taken if necessary. Following these instructions diligently is crucial for optimal results.

    Lip Filler Results*

    After using lip filler, results become apparent right away. Following treatment, the majority of Long Island patients see a noticeable reduction in lip creases and definition as well as plumper, more hydrated-looking lips.

    Clinical research indicates that, on average, 98% of patients said they had achieved their desired level of lip fullness after receiving lip fillers. Furthermore, by the one-year anniversary, more than 80 percent of patients were still happy with the course of their treatment. Results and patient experience may differ, as with any aesthetic procedure. Therefore, when thinking about aesthetic procedures like lip filler injections, it’s crucial to have reasonable expectations.

    How Much Do Lip Filler Injections Cost on Long Island?

    Lip filler syringes currently cost anything between $500 and $1000. Although each patient at Fitmedny Wellness pays a different amount for lip injections. The quantity of filler utilized, the formula employed, and the injector’s experience and skill level all affect how much lip injections cost overall. Our injectors at Fitmedny Wellness provide a customized treatment plan based on your budget and aesthetic objectives.


    How Frequently Should I Get Lip Fillers?
    It is often advised to get a touch-up every six to twelve months in order to keep your results.
    What Is the Duration of Lip Filler?
    The duration of effect varies from six months to a year when comparing HA lip fillers. Nevertheless, the duration of lip filler varies since different patients metabolize and degrade filler at various rates. The amount and kind of lip filler used during treatment will also have an effect on how long lip filler lasts.
    How Should I Get Ready for Injectable Lips?
    Ibuprofen and aspirin should not be used one week prior to your lip filler operation. Additionally, stay away from substances that can exacerbate bleeding and bruises, such as fish oil or vitamin E. To avoid more bruising and swelling, refrain from consuming alcohol for at least 24 hours before to your appointment.
    Russian Doll Lips: What Are They?
    The technique known as “Russian doll lips” was influenced by Russian doll lips. The middle of the lips gains height and plumpness thanks to this approach. In addition, several traits characterize Russian doll lips. These include height gain, a more pronounced cupid’s bow, and an improved heart shape with the majority of the volume concentrated in the middle of the lip.
    Do the Results of Long Island Lip Injections Look Natural?
    They can, in fact. Nonetheless, for a lip enhancement that looks natural, finding a skilled injector is essential. Juvéderm Volbella or Restylane Silk are both good choices for people who want a more subdued-looking lip augmentation. This is as a result of their thinner gel composition.
    Which Lip Filler Is Better, Restylane or Juvéderm?
    The results and duration of these two HA filler products are nearly identical. Both filler sets perform admirably and produce striking outcomes. There are a few distinctions to take into account, though. While the duration of both types is six to twelve months, Juvéderm lip filler might last a little bit longer than Restylane. Furthermore, Juvéderm and Restylane provide several formulae with varying outcomes. Juvéderm Ultra XC and Restylane Kyssé, for instance, have a thicker consistency. They are therefore the best choices for anyone wishing to add greater volume and produce striking effects.

    Dramatic Lip Filler Results on Long Island, NY

    For a truly remarkable appearance, lip filler is a promising non-invasive treatment to think about if you want to plump your lips and eliminate lip creases and wrinkles. This FDA-approved treatment works well and safely, providing immediate results with no downtime. Therefore, lip filler subtly improves your lips’ structure and shape without requiring invasive surgery or downtime.

    When you’re ready to boost your pout and improve your look, go to Fitmedny. We are Long Island’s leading supplier of Juvéderm and Restylane fillers. For additional information about our services or to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled injectors, please give us a call at (516) 500-9977. We are eager to complement your gorgeous smile and assist you in selecting the best lip filler!

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    Age management is a proactive approach to the preseveration of optimal function and quality of life. This aims to modulate the process of aging prior to onset of degenerative aging. Fit Medical understands that the needs and goals of each individual are unique. Consulations, exams and assessments will provide Fit Medical with the information needed to customize a personalized treatment plan.


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