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We are leaders in regenerative medicine and anti-aging methods. Our services range from vitamin therapy to hormone optimization and everything in between.

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    What People Are Saying

    "I began my weekly injection weight loss treatment, and it has been fantastic! I make an effort to eat well and exercise, but I kept reaching a plateau. When I constantly used the weight loss remedies, I saw that I was losing a few more pounds. I'd advise using this remedy!"

    Kimberly, 41 Thousand Oaks, CA

    "My life was saved by Mobile IV Medics! I had to fly that night despite feeling sick in the morning. I was able to board my flight and felt so much better because their Myers Cocktail helped me stay hydrated and made the motion sickness stop. I appreciate Mobile IV Medics coming to me and helping me out."

    Kristin, 37 Camarillo, CA

    "One day when I had a migraine, the only thing I could do was turn off all the lights in my room and stay still. I was aware of businesses where I could obtain an IV to treat my migraine, but I didn't want to venture outside. The nurse came to my house and gave me my IV while I was still able to remain in bed after I made my appointment very readily online. The migraine package gave me immediate relief! I heartily suggest them."

    Tony, 33 Ventura, CA

    "I frequently need IV treatments and used to go to the ER or a doctor's office if it was an emergency. I was very happy to learn that Mobile IV Medics would visit my home the same day for a treatment, eliminating the need for me to travel to a location where I might be exposed to further diseases. I was able to relax and watch tv while I got me IV. Thank you thank you thank you!"

    Sandra, 45 Westlake Village, CA


      Each of our IV drip treatments is individually designed by our pharmacist and packed with fluids, anti-oxidants, vitamins, medications, and nutrients to aid with a variety of common symptoms people encounter when they aren’t feeling 100%. You feel terrific as a result of our IV hydration therapy packages. Our most popular drink is the Mobile IV Medics (MIVM) Cocktail. All of our services are included in this all-inclusive IV plan, which also takes care of your hydration requirements. For a wide range of symptoms and diseases, such as migraines, dehydration, hangovers, and chronic pain, we provide a choice of IV drips. Alternatively, you can design your own unique IV drip.


      We are leaders in regenerative medicine and anti-aging methods.

      Our services range from Vitamin Therapy to Hormone Optimization and everything in between.

      Stop with the guesswork and try our services to get the most optimized program for you!

      At Revive, we offer a comprehensive practice that focuses on the most vital aspects of regenerative health. Our all-encompassing approach ensures all your needs are properly met, helping you achieve your goals with safe, proven methods, and the dedicated attention you deserve.