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Hormone Optimisation Therapy: Restore Your Health And Wellness

Fit Med NY provides a seamless method for addressing hormonal deficiencies and imbalances in men and women of all ages to help with the signs of ageing.

Describe HRT.

Hormone replacement therapy involves giving the body additional hormones to ward against the effects of ageing and hormonal imbalances on our bodies.

Personalised Therapies

Our patient coordinators review your medical history at the beginning of every HRT session to create a personalised treatment plan for you. We also provide online consultations for patients who live a distance away.

Regain a feeling of youth

You may fight sadness, lift your spirits, gain more lean muscle mass, and even boost your libido with hormone replacement therapy!

Long-Term Effects

Due to the continued support our patient coordinators offer each month, our patients are better able to maintain their outcomes with the help of our individualised HRT regimens.

How Can You Determine If HRT Is Right For You?

Men Dealing With

Women Dealing With

Our System's Operation

Obtain Blood
Drawn Within
Our Facility

The first step in creating a treatment plan is figuring out your current hormone levels.

Review Your Lab Results
And Consult With One
Of Our Doctors

Our in-house doctors will talk about your results and the best course of action.

Speak With Your
Committed Patient
Coordinator in Person

Together, we'll choose a reasonable monthly bundle for you.

Receive Your Medicines
Confidentially Monthly
To Your Door

It's that easy!

Discover Our Team

Danielle, Roni, and the rest of the Fit Med NY team have over 20 years of combined expertise, so they are fully capable of bringing your idea to life.

What Patients Have To Say

“Great place. Very clean and friendly staff. Met with Brian who was very informative and professional. Definitely recommend.”


A. Smith

“Brian and his team of patient coordinators did an amazing job receiving me at their clinic, screening my health history, and setting me up with a blood work test we could use to personalize HRT experience. It’s a great facility and the location is easy to find. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to reconsider their current health or mood.”


J. Sarmiento

“Being that I don’t live close enough to visit the location, Fit Med NY was able to provide their HRT consultation and process via video conference. Not only was the experience personalized, but overall I prefer this method since I can do it from my own living room. Big thanks for the Fit Med NY team for helping me learn more about my body’s current hormone levels and what I can do to stay healthy!”


A. Diaz

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