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One and only you.
The same goes for your vitamins.

The only really personalized vitamin is what we’ve created. With a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, fish oil, herbs, and more, support your body and health objectives!

What it Does

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The first step towards receiving your personalized supplement.

Genuinely original
supplement recipe

Discover the difference of a vitamin formula that is truly customized.

Make adjustments
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New objectives, demands, or seasons? fresh vitamin routine. We are adaptable!

With optional herbs, nutraceuticals, and adaptogens, our distinctive powder or capsule vitamin covers your recommended vitamin and mineral requirements while packing a nutritious punch.



Customized vitamins are approached using evidence. utilizing the most recent studies and the 30+ years of clinical wellness expertise of our team.


Truly Individualized

A vitamin that is exclusively yours. Make your own supplement that is specially made for you based on your lifestyle, objectives, or health information. You receive the exact amount of the ingredients you require.



This is the only supplement you’ll ever need; it’s not just a generic multivitamin. Adapt your vitamin routine to your changing needs with a fresh strategy.


Good Ingredients

Our team is dedicated to sourcing the most effective and bioavailable ingredients for your personalized vitamin.

Power Mix by Jen

Yogi and Doctor

Immunity Energy

A yoga devotee with a hectic medical practice, Jen required a formula to take care of her adrenal health, immune system and offer her a daily energy boost.

Our Superior Quality

Top-notch, bio available ingredients

Only the best, most bio available ingredients are used in our recipes, which are painstakingly acquired from reliable vendors across the world. In our NSF GMP registered facility, we meticulously create each formula without the use of fillers or binders. Integrity and respect for each formula are important to us.

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Honest Calculations Based on Evidence

Our integrated medical doctors, nephropathy, and nutritionists make up our research and product teams. They develop your formula based on the most latest body of research. To stay current, we consult top pharmaceutical databases and take into account how using ingredients in formulae the way they have historically been used. To curate for you is our aim.

Beginning your formula

Here, with a well-informed, individualized vitamin made just for you, your new health journey begins. We look forward to assisting you in personalizing it!