Fit Med NY

About us

Fit stands for Functional Individualized Treatment. We understand that each client is multidimensional and unique in their biochemistry. We provide detailed assessments and  evaluations to customize a  treatment plan to help our clients achieve their goals. The team at Fit Medical cares and wants to understand each individual. We offer a diverse array of services for all aspects of our bodies inside and out. Our mission is to optimize our clients’ bodies and health through personalized medicine and carefully crafted treatments.

We believe that the four F’s are the main pillars on this wellness journey: Food, Fitness, Focus and Function. We get to know our clients and place emphasis on the highest level of care and understanding along with cutting edge services in medicine, medical spa, lifestyle and fitness regimens. We’ve got your back every step of the way and love helping our clients to look and feel their very best while improving  all areas of quality of life.

Joanne (Jo) Buono

Nutritionist, Family Herbalist, blender Fitmed wellness tea blends.


After struggling for years with a severe case of Lyme Disease, Jo found that she made the most progress in treatment while leaning on supportive tools in nutrition and herbalism.


Realizing she needed to do things differently to stay well, she changed her career plans and went back to school to become a nutritionist. Shortly after completing her nutrition studies, she enrolled in herbalism school to broaden her knowledge in traditional practices so she can provide the best support to her clients, and herself.

Jo’s areas of specialty include: Weight Loss, metabolism support, inflammation, gut health, stress support, adrenal health, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and Lyme Disease.